Saturday, July 10, 2010

Received postcards 242 to 249

I got a lot of wonderful postcards over the last two days. My mailbox was overflowing with them!

KR-9848 received from user Lovely_Genie2. It took 9 days and traveled 8,411 km (5,226 miles.)

DE-630658 received from user katzeeladia. It took 12 days and traveled 8,357 km (5,193 miles.)

US-543373 received from user Tsadida. It took 250 days (the first card never made it to me) and traveled 4,056 km (2,520 miles.)

AE-2363 received from user ultimate_beauty. It took 14 days and traveled 11,924 km (7,409 miles.)

ES-72805 received from user remite. It took 93 days and traveled 8,739 km (5,430 miles.)

FI-842005 received from user Kobaje. It took 11 days and traveled 7,630 km (4,741 miles.)

US-743709 received from user Cbear214. It took 9 days and traveled 1,947 km (1,210 miles.)

NL-379930 received from user Mirsky. It took 5 days and traveled 7,883 km (4,898 miles.)

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