Friday, November 19, 2010

It took me awhile to decide to do this, but a few weeks ago I put a request on my postcrossing profile that says:

"I am also looking for some pen friends in either the U.S., UK or Europe. People who I can just exchange postcards with randomly, but who will also randomly send me postcards back. Please message me if you have the same or similar interests as me. Thanks!"

I figured that with how many postcards I send and receive, I'd get a message from someone, right? Nope. Nothing. I wonder if my wording or something offended people. I'm not against pen friends from other countries; I just seem to have better luck sending and receiving to those countries.

There are a couple of nice women I randomly exchange postcards with. One of them is more into swapping where I get some of those wonderful old west postcards and I send her postcards that she likes off of my sent list. It works well. I just know that they're busy and I need more people that I can randomly exchange postcards with. Sending mail makes me really happy and I really haven't wanted to get really involved with the postcrossing forum again since I want pen friends, not random postcards from people.

Tonight I decided to put a post on the forum asking for postcard pen friends. I replied to a few different people who are also looking for pen friends. A few live in the US too and I heard back from one user in the Netherlands who plans on writing me ASAP. I'm excited! I hope I hear back from more people soon. Sending mail seems to make me feel better and happier lately so I'll probably have to go buy more stamps and postcards, but that's fine.


  1. Hola:-)
    got here via postcrossing. I'm Bodhisurfer on there I'd be up for some postcard penfriending -I live in Cornwall UK.
    Also have you tried ? its like an ongoing tag. No where near as many users as postcrossing soyou do start to get to know the participants.

  2. Thanks for commenting! Hopefully you'll get my postcard soon! :)