Friday, October 1, 2010

Favorites day!

I'm now able to send 15 postcards at a time which is awesome. Of course waiting for them to get registered can still be frustrating! I'm trying not to buy anymore postcards because I have so many as it is. I want to buy some Christmas/holiday postcards to send out during December. I'll hopefully have the money to do it in November.

I've received some awesome official postcards and here are some of my favorites!

US-843203 Lewis and Clark on the Lower Columbia River, 1905. This will be going in my private collection.

IT-102531 My first Coca-Cola postcard! Yay!

CA-125352 This was sent to me by another mother and it was her first postcrossing postcard sent out.

NL-434868 My first rubber ducky postcard (also my favorite color, dark pink!) and it was also her first postcrossing postcard sent out.

FI-906454 I just thought this was simple and beautiful.

IS-9720 My first postcard from Iceland. So beautiful. Would love to go someday.

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