Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Slow mail.

It seems that mail has been unusually slow during and even after the holidays. I've barely gotten any mail the last two days - no official or pen friend postcards. Also, it seems to be taking my official postcards an awful long time to reach their destinations. I love writing out postcards so this makes me sad. I sent a few messages on the forum out to some people that want postcard pals. Then I logged into my second account. I haven't used it for months because I really only want to concentrate on my main official account. I figured it would be ok to send a few postcards out to people from that account. I have it set on inactive so I won't receive postcards on that account. I just wanted to send some postcards out today! I actually drove them up to the drive up mailbox at the post office on my way to pick my husband up at the ferry. I hope they make people smile. It made me feel better. I hope that when I wake up tomorrow some of my official postcards have been registered so I can send more.

Oh and I bought more postcards from today and my order that I placed last week showed up today. I'm very pleased with my new postcards. What can I say? I'm addicted.


  1. I know exactly how you feel. I have about 16 things that are supposed to be on their way to me (that were sent Dec 27th ish) that I haven't received yet. So, I am hoping they get here soon. I DID get a postcard from you, and I sent you one back in the mail yesterday! So you should be getting that soon I think. :) By the way, this is ashleyp87 from the Forum and Ashley in Michigan of your postcard pals.

  2. I'm glad you got my postcard! :)
    I hate that the mail is so slow. I feel like things are taking forever to get anywhere right now which sucks. :(

  3. Hey Brandy,
    hope you all are well I got your great card with a Buddha on. Thanks very much its great. Sounds like you all had a great xmas. Xmas with tiny kids is great -actually its not too bad with teenagers either though I suspect they dont entirely believe in Santa any more;-)
    I'll get a card in the post to you today
    Happy New Year to you all