Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Yay! Mail!

Today, I received a ton of mail! Yay! I had 9 postcards in my mailbox. Finally!

The 9 postcards breakdown like this:

Thank you postcard = 1 (original official postcard was lost so I sent a second)
Pen friends = 3
Officials = 5

Some of the officials took forever to get here and the users did send them right after they got my address. One from Lithuania took 75 days to get to me! It was postmarked on November 11th, 2010. Crazy. I wonder why it got held up for so long, but at least it got to me!

I'm glad I finally got some mail. Hopefully this trend continues.


  1. That's a great mail day! I am thinking of doing a meet-up in Olympia in March or April? Would you want to come,maybe? I'm thinking of posting it on the forum today.

  2. Yesterday was a great mail day for me too! I got 2 officials, a pen pal letter, 3 swaps, and a swap that had about 15 cards in it!

  3. Katie,
    Yes I would like to come. April would probably be better though. I know I'll be gone the last week of March.

    And Ashley, that's awesome!