Thursday, April 14, 2011

More for my private collection.

This is the last of the postcards I've received for my private collection.

Buffalo Bill's Wild West. Sent to me by another wonderful penfriend, Laura.

NL-540177: Stetson Hats.

Chippewa Girl. Laura also sent this one to me.

US-908624: The site of the Acoma Pueblo, the oldest continuously inhabited city in the US, was chosen for its defensive position. Only about 50 Acoma livein the Pueblo but the rest of the close to 3,000 villagers reside close by, returning to observe feast days. The site is very carefully protected and strict regulations exist for visiting.

US-928086: Picture of a group of Texas Rangers in 1845.

US-934519: This woman, photographed in Carpenter's makeshift studio at the Saint Louis Fair, was identified as Mrs. Henry Boatman, from the Maricopa Tribe of Arizona.

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