Saturday, August 21, 2010

Expired postcards

Right now I have 5 expired postcards. I hate that! Two just recently expired and the other three have been expired for awhile. The three oldest expired postcards, the users haven't logged in for at least a month and one user hasn't logged in in over five months. I hope they get registered at some point before they completely expire. I have a new rule that when I get an expired postcard, I have to contact the user after the postcard has been traveling for 120 days just to check in with them. If they haven't gotten my postcard by then, then I'll be happy to resend them one. I figure if it hasn't shown up within four months, then it's probably lost. I really hate seeing expired international postcards since it's so expensive to send to begin with, but I'm determined that all my postcards will reach their destinations.


  1. I hate that too. I have had some cards that the postcrosser had quit and never bothered to register the cards. Sometimes I send a message asking if they received my card and forgot to register it. Sometimes that is the case so they'll register it. Other times they register it without having received it so I can get put in the mix for another card. I scan and upload all the cards I send so if they didn't actually get my card I can send one exactly like the first one I sent.

  2. I try to contact users if they're still active, but some people just quit using the site so my card never gets registered. It makes me sad, but there's not much I can do about it.