Saturday, August 28, 2010

Postcards, postcards, postcards

This week, I bought postcards on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Like I said, obsessed much? I definitely buy way more postcards than I can ever send out. There's something about postcards that I've always loved. I like them better than letters because you get a picture and a short note from wherever the person is. I used to buy them on trips all the time, but stopped after awhile. Now that I have a purpose for cards, I have to buy them wherever I go. I send some to friends and family when I travel, but I reserve most for postcrossing.

I finally scanned in and uploaded my received postcards. I had 40 of them to scan in. Yikes. I usually don't wait that long, but I just got really far behind with school and everything.

I also scanned in the postcards I bought. I only do that for cards I buy in bulk because I know it's nice for users who can't scan their cards in.

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