Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's been awhile...

It's been awhile since I updated this. I've been super busy with school and taking care of my 7 and 1/2 month old daughter so this obviously wasn't a priority.

I've decided against posting every received card in here. If people really want to see my received cards, they can go to my postcrossing profile and look at them. I figure I'll use this to talk about my obsession with all things related to postcards and postcrossing!

I swear, I can't go anywhere without buying postcards! Last Thursday, my husband, daughter and I went to Hurricane Ridge which is part of the Olympic National Park. They of course had lots of postcards to choose from so I bought some. I wanted to buy more, but they're more expensive than other places (50 cents a card) so I only got the ones I really liked. Then on Sunday, we all drove up to Neah Bay and Cape Flattery. When we stopped in Port Angeles at Safeway for something to drink, I found more postcards so I quickly bought some. I've scanned these in so when I send them to people, I can upload them on postcrossing. I don't upload everything I buy though. Only the postcards I buy in multiples or spend a lot of money on. I'm trying not to buy too many because I have so many to send out! My mother-in-law buys me postcards when she travels so I have postcards from other places to send out as well.

I also went and bought stamps today. I think I'm going to order more online so I can get some cool regular mail stamps. I wish international postcard stamps weren't so expensive!

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