Friday, September 17, 2010

Private collection

When I was on vacation, we went to The High Desert Museum. It was so cool. They had this huge section on the settling of the Old West/Wild West and it was amazing. I am now totally hooked on anything related to the settling of the Wild West. I hope postcrossers that live in the US can help me out if they have postcards relating to that subject. I put a request on my profile and have had some users respond to cards that I have favorited so I'm feeling pretty hopeful. I found some postcards on our adventure the other day. I'll be posting cards like that in here and I need to put them in an online album so everyone can see them.

This lovely postcard was sent to me in a private swap.
Scorched Lightning - This Minneconjoux Sioux was named Scorched Lightning. Note the magnificent string of large bear claws around his neck. The bear was held in reverence among Northern Plains Tribes and admired for its great strength and courage.

I bought this one myself.
The Beaver Family - Sampson, Louise, and Leah Beaver are dressed in a combination of indigenous and European clothing and accessories. They are a family of the Stoney Nation, who live near the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Photo taken in 1907.

Another one I bought myself.
Hanging Meat to Dry - This Crow woman from the Great Plains hangs meat out to dry. Once the meat is dry, it will be mixed with fat and berries to become a dietary staple called pemmican. The meat is stored for use over the winter months. Photo taken in 1905 or 1906.

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